Scratch Advanced
Number of lessons: 16
Age 6-12 years old
This course is for those who are already familiar with the basics of Scratch. We will explore complex topics of game development (the process of creating games), boolean logic, multithreading, and synchronization. We learn to create complex animations, work with backgrounds, use variables to program physical phenomena and move on to programming at a professional level.
To fully master the Scratch environment and prepare to level up to Python Fundamentals
Course goal
Course description
Advanced Animation
Sounds & Music
Working with backgrounds
Course schedule
Unit 2
Scratch extensions
Unit 3
Game development
Simulation of physical phenomena
Advanced use of variables
Speed and gravity
Unit 4
Design Thinking
Product development
Projects in our courses
Sergey Fomin, course developer
Space battle
Anoushka, 10 years old
Scratchy Potter on Scratch
To stop the invasion of alien ships on Earth, you need to shoot in different directions and destroy the invaders
An animated story about a young wizard Scratchy and his adventure in Bogwarts.
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