Practical benefits and positive emotions
This is how we conduct educational activities at GEEKLAMA
International team
We have assembled a team of practicing programmers from the world's best companies and research centers
We pass on our passion for making cool projects, knowledge, and first-hand experience to a new generation - your children
We know first-hand how IT specialists from all over the world live and how they work
Practical experience
The atmosphere of IT companies
Project-based learning
Courses are designed specifically for GEEKLAMA by programmers from top companies
Our approach is consistent practice
Mini-groups (up to 5 kids)
Communication skills
Children learn best when they accomplish things for themselves. We complete one project in each lesson, and the student can see the results of his efforts right away
Our teachers easily establish effective communication and explain the same topic in multiple ways since their complete focus is directed to the child
It is important that students not only do projects but also know how to present them at a separate meeting - a hackathon that takes place every 2 months
GEEKLAMA is a partner of Facebook, Cisco, Google, etc
We train employees' children on a corporate basis
We are ready to consider collaborating with your company
Why parents choose GEEKLAMA
We teach skills that are not taught in school:
generate ideas
seek solutions
be inspired
Even if your child does not go on to become a programmer, these skills will be useful in any career
Fill out the form, and we will call you, advise you, answer all of your questions, and recommend a course that will best suit the child's interests. We will enroll you in a free trial class, which will be delivered with the same commitment and care as the main course.
Not sure if your child will enjoy programming?
Simply try it
Book a FREE coding class!
At the end of the lesson, the child will have completed his first mini-project and will most certainly request for more!