Python Fundamentals
Number of lessons: 16
Age 11-17 years old
Our student's project
To create complex computer graphics and games in Python and be ready to move to the Python Advanced level.
Course goal
Course description
Unit 1
Python Basics
Course schedule
Unit 2
Iteration and functions
Unit 3
Working with files
Unit 4
Data Visualization
Lists and Conditions
For and While Loops, Exceptions, Functions, and Recursions
Text files, and images
The complete cycle of creating a product - the Tic Tac Toe game
Let's get acquainted with a simple, beautiful, and functional Python language. Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Sims, World of Tanks, as well as many applications, machine learning programs, and artificial intelligence algorithms are written on it. We learn the basics of Python, apply the knowledge gained to input validation, recursion, image, and text analysis.
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