Programming for children aged 6 to 17
We teach children to think, create projects, and communicate in the same way the world's top IT companies do
We teach children
to think, create projects and communicate
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You're in a good company:
course developers and teachers from leading IT companies and universities
We conduct one-on-one and mini-group (up to 3 kids) online lessons: we guarantee effective communication, attention, and efficiency
Individual and mini-group lessons
Students solve practical problems in each lesson, and at the end of the course, they develop their own projects
Practice only: project-based learning
You can choose to learn everyday of the week, twice a week, or once weekly. Flexible plans that grow with you
Flexible Pace
We are experts at teaching kids to code and helping them implement innovative ideas
1 lesson = 1 interesting project
Students develop presentation skills at hackathons
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The teacher is focused on every child
All teachers are practicing programmers
Flexible schedule
Personalized reports to parents after each class
The "How" of a GEEKLAMA lesson
Our courses were developed by leading IT experts from Cisco, MIT and UC Berkeley
Game development
6-17 years
Web development
11-17 years
Data Science
11-17 years
App development
11-17 years
Can you create your own website? Easily! We create websites in HTML and CSS, as well as Javascript and Tilda
Explore data analysis and machine learning for a promising future
Adalo apps, a Python-powered Telegram bot, and more
Create your first games in Scratch and Python, and learn the fundamentals of Roblox
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If you can't choose a track, sign up for a free 15-minute consultation, and we'll help you decide
Your child will love the lessons at GEEKLAMA since they are exciting and practical, and you will appreciate the outcome when you see your child's glowing eyes after successfully presenting their first independent project
The showcase of our courses: learn-by-doing approach
Serge, course developer
Space battle on Scratch
Sadie, 9 years old
Platformer Game Scratch
Anne, programming instructor
Tic Tac Toe in Python
To stop the invasion of alien ships on Earth, you must shoot in various directions and destroy the invaders
Help Geeklama reach diamond. But be careful in order not to slip into the dirt.
Recreation of a well-known game in Python with a graphical interface and support for multiple players
Parents love GEEKLAMA
Students and their parents share their GEEKLAMA experiences
I am extremely happy I found Geeklama. I have been extremely impressed with the program, specifically: the small class sizes give everyone a chance to have 1x1 attention, the instructor's patience and experience, and the fun atmosphere that is provided to build and develop games, the length of time of the program - this is no short 1 or 2 session class. The future of many of these kids is in the coding world - this is a great way to start that off.
The best part of this coding class is the projects that I get to work on every week. I get to surprise my family with the games that I have created. I love how patient the instructor is and how interactive the class is. Every week I am excited to see what I get to learn next.
Lincoln, 11 y.o.
My son did not have any coding experience before Geeklama. The teachers are super passionate about what they do. Beka loves the classes and will continue to the next level.
Love building new games and sharing them with my group.
Beka, 10 y.o.
At first, I wasn't sure whether coding can be interesting for my 6-year-old daughter but decided to give it a try. I was impressed by how professional the teacher is and how much attention is given to each student even though the classes are held online.
I like doing animations and games! Also, I like how the instructor teaches, it is not boring.
Aimira, 6 y.o.
There are so many online schools on the market and I was very skeptical about all this zoom-style study. My friend recommended Geeklama as there was a promo. It was a good decision that I am still proud of and I am proud of my daughter, as she learned so much in just one month.
I really enjoy the classes and sharing my projects with my friends. I will use Python to do my homework at school
Karina, 15 y.o.
FAQ: everything you want to know
Who are the teachers?
Our teachers are our pride and joy! Our policy is to exclusively hire practicing specialists. They work in the world's leading IT companies (Cisco, Facebook, NASA, etc.) or are engaged in science at the best universities in the world (MIT, University of California, Berkeley, etc.). Each of the teachers has extensive experience in software development and communicates effectively with children. More information about them can be found on the Teachers page
What is your approach to learning?
GEEKLAMA offers a project-oriented approach. We are against theoretical lessons. We teach through projects and engage students in practical problem solving through games, knowledge exchange, and open discussion. Our courses are not only of excellent quality and thoughtfulness, but they are also fun and captivating!
For us, programming is more than just a popular trend in education. We wish to raise a new generation of innovative thinkers. Our courses are designed to keep students motivated and to spark enthusiasm and curiosity as they immerse themselves in the world of programming. It is important to us that every student is motivated, interested, and successful, that they are energized, and that they believe in themselves. More information can be found in the section Why GEEKLAMA?
Is there going to be any homework?
Yes. This is the part of learning that the children subsequently describe as the most exciting part of the course: they enjoy coming up with their own projects! You might believe that the child is simply having fun. But he doesn't just play games; he learns a full-fledged programming language and consolidates the content he's already mastered.
What is the price for the course?
We operate on a subscription basis because it is the most convenient way to pay for classes. You purchase a package of 4, 8, or 16 lessons and utilize as much as you need until the course is finished. A small package will do the trick. Larger packages contain more valuable options. Details can be found on the Price page
Where can I find the class schedule?
Since the teacher works with each child individually in a 1: 1 manner, we always provide the most suitable schedule for each student.
What should you do if you miss a class?
You have individual lessons and a personal training schedule, so you can always agree to postpone or skip a lesson with the teacher or administrator.
Where do I begin?
The first course is chosen based on the child's age and programming experience. On the Tracks page, we provide programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. If you find it difficult to decide on your own, we offer you a free 15-minute consultation, as a result of which we will select and offer you a suitable course with a free first lesson.
How do I prepare for the class?
To join a class, you need to have a computer or laptop with Internet access. We provide all the materials for the lessons, give simple instructions on how to prepare for the lesson, and install the necessary software. Problems are unlikely, but just in case, our support team and teachers will always come to your aid.
What are the technical requirements for taking classes?
A Computer / laptop with a webcam (tablets and iPads are not suitable). Google account (Gmail mail) and Chrome / Opera browser are required.
Fill out the form, and we will call you, advise you, answer all of your questions, and recommend a course that will best suit the child's interests. We will enroll you in a free trial class, which will be delivered with the same commitment and care as the main course.
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