Introduction to Scratch
Number of lessons: 16
Age 6-12 years old
We'll solve interesting problems, create colorful cartoons, and scale mountains! We will create our own projects that may be exhibited to parents and friends, as well as demonstrated to other GEEKLAMA students during the hackathon (project presentation).

We will master computer logic and its fundamental components, such as loops, conditions, functions, and operators.

All assignments are designed to foster creativity and innovative thinking.
After completing this course, students are able to design and program their own Scratch games and are ready to upgrade to Advanced Scratch
Course goal
Course description
Unit 1
Basics of programming
Scratch blocks and interface
Animation and stories
Course schedule
Unit 2
Introduction to Gamedev
Operators and Cloning
Conditions and Loops
Unit 3
Game Development
Variables and Blocks
Unit 4
Design Thinking
Product development
Projects in our courses
Sergey Fomin, course developer
Balloon game Scratch
Anoushka, 10 years old
Scratchy Potter on Scratch
Pop balls and earn points. The tricky part of designing is to create the appearance of a large number of colored balls.
An animated story about a young wizard Scratchy and his adventure in Bogwarts.
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and you will appreciate the outcome when you see your child's glowing eyes after successfully presenting their first independent project.