Introduction to Scratch
Number of lessons: 8
Age 6-12 years old

We'll solve interesting cases, create colourful cartoons, and scale mountains! This course helps students learn the basics of logic and formal gates, which are the building blocks of coding. In lessons, students will get the opportunity to create all sorts of exciting projects using blocks.

Course description
Unlimited access
Self paced
Age 6-12
~8 h. of materials
Unit 1
Basics of programming
Scratch blocks and interface
Animation and stories
Course schedule
Unit 2
Introduction to Gamedev
Operators and Cloning
Conditions and Loops
Unit 3
Game Development
Variables and Blocks
Unit 4
Design Thinking
Product development
Projects in our courses
Sergey Fomin, course developer
Balloon game Scratch
Anoushka, 10 years old
Scratchy Potter on Scratch
Pop balls and earn points. The tricky part of designing is to create the appearance of a large number of colored balls.
An animated story about a young wizard Scratchy and his adventure in Bogwarts.
Parents love Geeklama
Students and their parents share their GEEKLAMA experiences
I am extremely happy I found Geeklama. I have been extremely impressed with the program, specifically: the small class sizes give everyone a chance to have 1x1 attention, the instructor's patience and experience, and the fun atmosphere that is provided to build and develop games, the length of time of the program - this is no short 1 or 2 session class. The future of many of these kids is in the coding world - this is a great way to start that off.
The best part of this coding class is the projects that I get to work on every week. I get to surprise my family with the games that I have created. I love how patient the instructor is and how interactive the class is. Every week I am excited to see what I get to learn next.
Lincoln, 11 y.o.