Introduction to Tilda development
Number of lessons: 8
Age 11-17 years old
We will gain practical skills in developing a website using the Tilda constructor. Let's explore the different blocks and draw our own. Let's create our own online store.
Learning how to create your own websites using a constructor, without coding skills.
Course goal
Course description
Unit 1
Getting to know Tilda
Basics of zero block and mobile adaptation
Course Schedule
Unit 2
Content for the site
Catalog, Descriptions
Selling site
Unit 3
Completion of the site
Header, Footer. Forms, Buttons
Unit 4
Website development
Project activities
Projects in our courses
Shweta, 9 years old
Platformer Game Scratch
Anna Boronina, instructor
Tic Tac Toe in Python
Help Geeklama reach diamond. But be careful in order not to slip into the dirt.
Recreation of a well-known game in Python with a graphical interface and support for multiple players
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