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Scratch Advanced

11-14 y.o.
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This Scratch course is for students that have mastered the basics of coding in Scratch. It covers complicated topics of game development, boolean logic, threads, and synchronization. Students in elementary school will learn how to create advanced animations, operate the backstage, use variables to code realistic real-time physics, and move to production-level coding.
About the course
Tech requirements:
Laptop/PC, Wi-Fi (25+ Mbps), Webcam
Reading and typing
Time Commitment:
1 or 2 hours per week in class
1-2 hours per week outside of class
(* Develop a game that embraces all the advanced coding concepts *)
// Master Scratch Programming
# Design and implement advanced cartoons
/* Build multiplayer games with real-time physics */
Lesson 2-4

Real-time Physics

Speed, Acceleration and Collisions;

1st lesson
Course Introduction
Scratch Programming Recap;
Course overview;
Lesson 6-8

Huge Worlds

Advanced Rendering;
Procedural Content Generation;

Lesson 10-12
Shortest Paths;
Movement Prediction;
Lesson 14-16

Design Thinking; Product Development.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Programming

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