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Math for Comp Science

14-17 y.o.
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Students will learn maths topics essential for computer and data scientists. This course covers computer arithmetic (binary numbers), functions and basics of calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics. Students will learn new theoretical concepts and solve tasks both on paper and via python coding. Classes are hands-on and learning is designed to be fun and simple.
About the course
Tech requirements:
Laptop/PC, Wi-Fi (25+ Mbps), Webcam
Time Commitment:
1 or 2 hours per week in class
1-2 hours per week outside of class
(* Understand logic behind Computer Science *)
// Advance your Python Programming skills
# Gain a solid background for advanced programming and data science studies
/* Practice problem solving */
Lesson 2-4

Learning the Computer Language

Binary numbers and operations, Computer logic;

1st lesson
Course Introduction
Overview of Math concepts;
Lesson 6-8

Describing Relations

Functions and Introduction to Calculus;

Lesson 10-12
Linear algebra;
Lesson 14-16
Predicting Outcomes

Probability Theory & Statistics.

Organizing Numbers

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