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</ Learn the essential languages of the web - HTML
and CSS >

</ Build real web
applications >

Intro to Web Development

14-17 y.o.
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Students will learn HTML - the foundation for any website and CSS - used for designing and styling a website. They will understand how their favourite websites, such as Google or Facebook, are built and be able to do some tricks to change the content on the pages. At the end of the course, students will apply their learning to build their personal portfolio page, an event page, an online journal or a business website.
About the course
Tech requirements:
Laptop/PC, Wi-Fi (25+ Mbps), Webcam
Time Commitment:
1 or 2 hours per week in class
1-2 hours per week outside of class
(* Create a website for your imaginary or real business *)
// Build websites using HTML and CSS
# Apply styling techniques to make an appealing journal
/* Design your portfolio page */
Lesson 2-4

Getting Started with HTML

Tags, Text, Tree-structure Format, Lists, Tables and Images;

1st lesson
Course Introduction
Overview of HTML and CSS;
Lesson 6-8

Simple Styling

CSS Syntax, Ruleset, Font Styles and Positioning;

Lesson 10-12
Layouts, Transition, Floating Elements and Selectors;
Lesson 14-16
Capstone Project

Web Applications Development;
Design Thinking;

Advanced Styling

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