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Answers to your questions
Why is the subscription format convenient?
You purchase a package of 4, 8, or 16 lessons and utilize as much as you need until the course is finished. A small package will do the trick. Larger packages contain more valuable options that you will love.
What is "Portfolio" in Knight and Legend tariff plans?
We have several projects that kids can work on and get feedback from the instructors. In the Knight and Legend packages, we help children create a portfolio of additional projects. These additional projects are industrial grade projects like in IT companies that can be useful when applying to college or writing a resume for a junior position in an IT company.
What is "Career Mentoring" in the Legend tariff plan?
Our course developers work for the world's leading technology companies. We also participate in technology mentoring programs in both Russia and the United States. For Legend students, we plan regular career mentoring classes with real engineers working at Facebook, Google, Yandex, and several other leading companies.
How to resolve the issue of missing classes?
You have individual lessons and a personal training schedule, which means that you can always agree with the teacher or administrator to postpone the lesson to another convenient time. We ask for prior notice of cancellation or rescheduling so that the teacher can optimize their schedule.
Can I take a long break from my studies?
Of course. If possible, we recommend avoiding long breaks within one course so that the material is fully assimilated, and also notify us in advance if there is a need to take a break.
When is a refund possible?
If for some reason you do not want to continue your studies, please contact GEEKLAMA student support. You will have no trouble obtaining a refund for unused lessons. However, we will make every attempt to make the classes enjoyable for the child, beneficial, and as comfortable for parents as possible.
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We will refund your money
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Students and their parents share their GEEKLAMA experiences
I am extremely happy I found Geeklama. I have been extremely impressed with the program, specifically: the small class sizes give everyone a chance to have 1x1 attention, the instructor's patience and experience, and the fun atmosphere that is provided to build and develop games, the length of time of the program - this is no short 1 or 2 session class. The future of many of these kids is in the coding world - this is a great way to start that off.
The best part of this coding class is the projects that I get to work on every week. I get to surprise my family with the games that I have created. I love how patient the instructor is and how interactive the class is. Every week I am excited to see what I get to learn next.
Lincoln, 11 y.o.
My son did not have any coding experience before Geeklama. The teachers are super passionate about what they do. Beka loves the classes and will continue to the next level.
Love building new games and sharing them with my group.
Beka, 10 y.o.
At first, I wasn't sure whether coding can be interesting for my 6-year-old daughter but decided to give it a try. I was impressed by how professional the teacher is and how much attention is given to each student even though the classes are held online.
I like doing animations and games! Also, I like how the instructor teaches, it is not boring.
Aimira, 6 y.o.
There are so many online schools on the market and I was very skeptical about all this zoom-style study. My friend recommended Geeklama as there was a promo. It was a good decision that I am still proud of and I am proud of my daughter, as she learned so much in just one month.
I really enjoy the classes and sharing my projects with my friends. I will use Python to do my homework at school
Karina, 15 y.o.
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