How much does it cost?
Enroll your child in Geeklama classes to give them the confidence to thrive in the digital future with coding and digital creativity lessons
Immerse yourself in coding with a group, developing soft skills as well
60 min group classes with tutor
What do you get? Geeklama ecosystem:
Lots of fun with world's best tutors
Community and knowledge exchange
Thanks to the internal currency "lamacoins" that can be exchanged to real money
Our tutors are graduates from Technion, Berkeley, MIT, Imperial College London with 3+ years of experience in teaching kids
Our hackathons & Discord community for rising stars of IT world is a perfect place to share their own projects and get inspired by the peers' ideas!
Your child can earn their first $10
within 1 month!
Stay informed on your kid's accomplishments, areas of improvement, and next steps to help your child reach their full coding potential!
Personal manager to solve any issue
Let our personal manager be your family's educational compass, guiding you through any twists and turns on your child's learning journey with ease and support.
Weekly progress reports from a tutor
32 lessons
Discounted pricing or 6 month instalments
New Year promo with 25% discount
Plenty of schedule options
Referral program to earn more lessons
32 lessons
32 lessons
pay in six equal monthly installments
Price for 1 lesson
price without new year discount
New Year 25% discount
6 month instalments
Price for 1 lesson
Having trouble deciding?
Text us on WhatsApp and we will answer all your questions