How to join a free coding class with your child
Enroll your child in Geeklama classes to give them the confidence to thrive in the digital future with coding lessons
What can you expect from our free coding class?
Get a firsthand look at the curriculum, teaching style, and learning materials we use.
Experience the quality of Geeklama classes
Our instructors will help you select the best educational program for your child, based on their interests and skill level. You will also receive exclusive offers to support your child's coding journey.
Expert guidance
Your child will have the opportunity to create their own project during the trial class. They'll get to apply their coding skills to bring their ideas to life.
Hands-on project creation
Through the trial class, your child will be introduced to the world of coding and gain an understanding of whether they would like to pursue it further as a hobby or profession.
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How to Join your Free Coding Class
Step 1
Step 2
Double-check instructions on WhatsApp before class, some trials need program download.

To join the class click on the Google Meet link from your WhatsApp messages.
Join the meeting on your personal computer or laptop.
Step 3
Join your child for the whole free coding class to show them your support.

Not only will your presence encourage them to keep learning, but it will also give you the opportunity to bond over a shared interest.
Make sure that you as a parent to legal guardian join the class with your child.

This is because we cannot legally conduct classes for underage students without their parents or guardians.
If you have difficulty joining the lesson, please message us on WhatsApp:
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