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Scratch Programming

6-14 y.o.
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Students will learn coding using Scratch, a block-based visual programming language. The course introduces students to the Scratch interface and basic coding concepts such as conditions, loops, logical operators and functions. Our starter course engages students using coding spells, fun games and favourite cartoons that they present to each other. Assignments are designed to boost logical thinking, creativity, and design thinking.
About the course
Tech requirements:
Laptop/PC, Wi-Fi (25+ Mbps), Webcam
Reading and typing
Time Commitment:
1 or 2 hours per week in class
1-2 hours per week outside of class
(* Create captivating stories of Scratchy the Cat in the magical world of Harry Potter *)
// Build your own Flappy Bird or similar game with our very own character - geek lama
# Build multiplayer games
/* Make an animated birthday card */
Lesson 2-4

of Coding

Scratch interface & blocks;
Animations & Stories;

1st lesson
Course Introduction
Getting started with Scratch;
Dialogs in Scratch;
Lesson 6-8

Introduction to Game Development

Operators and Cloning; Conditions and Loops;

Lesson 10-12
Variables and Custom Blocks;
Lesson 14-16

Design Thinking; Product Development.

Game Development

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